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Learn Database Testing from best Institutes in Rajpur-Sonarpur. Database testing is the process of validating that the metadata and data stored in the database meets the requirement and design. It is important because it helps identify data quality and application performance issues that might other wise get detected only after the application has been live for some time. The test engineer handling this process will be of testing data integrity, data accessing,query retriving,modifications,updation and deletion etc. Database tests are supported via ODBC using the following functions as SQLOpen, SQLClose, SQLError, SQLRetrieve, SQLRetrieveToFile, SQLExecQuery, SQLGetSchema and SQLRequest.

Database testing basically includes the following testing categories such asData validity testing, Data Integritity testing , Performance related to data base and Testing of Procedure,triggers and functions as well as metadata testing. The purpose of Metadata Testing is to verify that the table definitions conform to the data model and application design specifications. While generating test cases for database testing, the semantics of SQL statement need to be reflected in the test cases. For that purpose, a technique called White box Database Application Technique or WHODATE approach is used. In database testing, issues such as atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability, integrity, execution of triggers, and recovery are often considered.for doing data validity testing user should be good in SQL queries For data integrity testing user should know about referential integrity and different constraint and For performance related things user should have idea about the table structure and design. Some of the tools used in regression testing related with database are AnyDbTest, DBFit, DBUnit, NDbUnit, SQLUnit and TSQLUnit.

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