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Learn EMC Clariion from best Institutes in Rajpur-Sonarpur. Clariion name comes from Data General, where they designed the first 16 bit minicomputer called NOVA. It was developed in 1992 which was one of the first minicomputer companies. Later NOVA was called NOVAII and NOVAII became AVIION (letters rearranged). CLARiiON is a simple derivative of that naming convention. AVIION name still exist with AX100, AX150 and AX-4. EMC Engineering is inventing new technology and pushing the envelope in terms of defining future products, technologies and markets. EMC has taken the Clariion products rebranded them with tons of features and user interfaces to make it the flagship product.

Clariion has dominated the SMB and the Mid Tier Enterprise market making it the cash cow at EMC. Unlike the Enginuity Code, the FLARE Code is customer self upgradable. This Code sits on the first 5 drives of the Clariion SPE or DAE depending on the model, the drives that are marked with numbers (0 to 4). The FLARE Operating Environment gets loaded onto the service processor with the code upgrade and this can be performed while the machine is running. A Clariion service processor is merely a PC running Microsoft Windows XP 32 Bit. In short when the Clariion service processors are rebooted, Windows XP will start and load the FLARE Operating Environment from the first 5 drives and bring the system online.

The Clariion is built on an Intel platform and has quite unique software layer. It runs two operating environments in parallel. Windows XP Embedded or stripped-down version of Windows Server for management and maintenance tasks and proprietary UNIX-based FLARE as an actual data mover. An integrated UPS provides security for data in the event of power failure. Storage is fibre-attached, initiators may be fibre- or IP-attached, the architecture supports both on the same array depending on configuration. Storage is connected via back-end loops with up to 120 drives per loop, the drives are contained in Disk Array Enclosures (DAEs) of 15 drives each. The operating environment, FLARE or Fibre Logic Array Runtime Environment which resides on the first four disks of the first DAE (bus 0 enclosure 0), which is also supplied by the integrated UPS. In the event of power failure, this space is also used to store the contents of the write cache so that all writes are completed on restoration of power. Management of the Clariion is usually through inbuilt Java-based management software called Navisphere.
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