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Learn HMI Automation from best Institutes in Rajpur-Sonarpur. Human-Machine Interface, is a device or software that allows its user to communicate with machineries and production plants. This is made possible by translating a huge amount of complex data into accessible information. In this way the operator has all the necessary tools to control the production process.The computer on which HMI software is installed is called human machine interface.

A HMI device enables visualization and control of applications. By using resources such as I/O, SoftPlc CoDeSys or Ethercat, and operating systems (even better if embedded), it allows you to communicate with any production system.The engineering of the human–machine interfaces is enhanced by considering ergonomics(human factors). The corresponding disciplines are human factors engineering (HFE) and usability engineering (UE), which is part of systems engineering.

Depending on the plant, the device’s features can change, in terms of connectivity, technology and even dimensions. Therefore, in Industrial Automation we can find HMIs that vary from standard 4.3 inches devices to sophisticated wide screen 15.6 inches displays. That’s why anyone can find the right solution.In order to simplify even more the operator’s job, the touch screen technology (capacitive or resistive) is available, which allows an intuitive interaction with machines and production plants.

There are variety of interfaces possible to use in which some of them are Direct manipulation interface, Graphical user interfaces, Web-based user interfaces, touch screens, Command line interfaces ,attentive user interface, hardware and batch interfaces.
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