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Learn HTML5 Advanced from best Institutes in Rajpur-Sonarpur. Advanced html5 is said to be developed version of html5 which includes improvements on many of features that html5 had to develop websites and web applications which allows users to build powerful things they needed. Some advanced HTML used to change text in online forums, customized online profiles. This course is a natural follow up of HTML5 Coding Essentials and Good Practices. In this course, learners will continue the exploration of HTML5-based APIs, but also introduce some advanced features related to HTML5, such as Web components, advanced multimedia, audio for music and games, etc.

The contents of advanced html5 includes The Timed Text Track API, Advanced features for audio and video players, Creating tracks on the fly, syncing HTML content with a video and The Web Audio API. The candidates can learn how to use powerful APIs to leverage device orientation, audio and video, drag and drop, speech recognition, geolocation, the onboard battery, vibrations, and much more.

Further the learner should have idea about how to Obtain the charge status of a device’s battery, Gain end users’ attention via their sense of touch, Send the end user notifications that appear outside the web browser, Tap into the device’s physical orientation, Make portions of your web page editable by the end user and Display portions of the web page so that they occupy the users’ entire screen, Implement voice recognition and speech synthesis, Leverage the new media elements (audio and video), Work with the new
elements and attributes, Work with the WebStorage API
Send and receive messages from web pages and including web pages from a different domain and more concepts

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