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Learn IBM AIX from best Institutes in Rajpur-Sonarpur. IBM Advanced Interactive eXecutive abbreviated as AIX is multi user operating system which is a open unix software provided by IBM and it supports a variety of hardware platforms ranging from PowerPC based systems to IBM RS/6000 Series. It is compatible with 4.3BSD extensions and one of the five commercial operating systems that have versions certified to the Open group’s UNIX 03 Standard and macOS.

This family of operating systems Which was debuted in 1986 and launched on 1990 for RS/6000 series and actively developed by IBM and currently supported on IBM power systems alongside IBM I and linux.

AIX was the first operating system to have a journaling file system, and IBM has continuously enhanced the software with features like processor, disk and network virtualization, dynamic hardware resource allocation and reliability engineering ported from its mainframe designs.
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