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Learn SAP E Recruitment from best Institutes in Rajpur-Sonarpur. SAP E-Recruiting has recruitment and succession planning instruments that will help your company find new employees, employ them in positions that suit their capabilities, promote their professional development, and retain them in the long term. SAP E-Recruiting ensures that you drive up-to-date human resources management, by proactively maintaining contact with applicants, potential candidates, and consequently, with your employees. The diversity of functions, such as electronic screening, filtering, sorting, ranking and so on, optimizes the work of your succession planners and recruiters. Sophisticated technical mechanisms ensure that you can control costs and profitability throughout the entire process. Thus, the application links recruitment and succession planning with your internal HR infrastructure.

By setting up a talent pool, you ensure that you not only identify the best possible candidate for a position from all potential candidates, but also that you are in a position to staff critical key positions in the long term and thus safeguard your company’s success in the future.
The application handles almost the entire process chain, from planning and budgeting, through attracting, hiring, and retaining employees. SAP E-Recruiting supports proactive candidate acquisition stratergies and reduces expenses by streamlining processes. It helps to align current and future talent needs with the goals and strtaergies of the organization

SAP E-Recruiting provides Talent Relationship Management functionality to enable proactive sourcing. It provides Business Intelligence through the use of SAP Query and SAP Business Information Warehouse. It helps align current and future talent needs with the goals and strtaergies of the organization. It encompasses screening and selection tools to help quickly work through large number of applicants. It contains of included robust applicant tracking functions to ensure the proper organization and documentation of the recruiting practices. It includes a Global pool of Candidates to enable access to best talent regardless of location.

Moreover, you can integrate workflows to automate information flow and multiple processes, such as the approval process or e-mail dispatch. SAP E-Recruiting accelerates and drives your control of HR management processes. Web-based user interfaces, which can be configured to suit specific roles, countries, branches, and so on, enable easy access for candidates, line managers, recruiters, and succession planners to the information and services they require to perform their tasks or roles.
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