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Learn WebLogic Administrator from best Institutes in Rajpur-Sonarpur. Weblogic is a software company that existed from 1995 to 1998 which created weblogic server application and J2EE server. Later it was acquired by BEA system. After that BEA was also acquired by Oracle in 2008.

Weblogic administrator is the server of administration for which is central control entity of a domain which maintains the domains configuration objects and distributes configuration changes to Managed Servers.
The Administration server is a Server that contains the administration java components that enable administration of a single or multi-node (that is, distributed) BI domain.
Specifically the Administration Server contains the following java components:
1. JMX MBeans — Java components that provide programmatic access for managing a BI domain.
2. Fusion Middleware Control (aka Enterprise Manager) — An administrative user interface that is used to manage the BI domain.
3. WebLogic Server Administration Console — An adminstrative user interface that provides advanced management for Weblogic, JEE components, and security.
The Administration Server here provides a central point for managing a WebLogic Server domain. All other WebLogic Server instances in a domain are called Managed Servers. In a domain with only a single WebLogic Server instance, that server functions both as Administration Server and Managed Server.

For a typical production system, BEA has recommended that you deploy your applications only on Managed Servers. This practice allows you to dedicate the Administration Server to configuration and monitoring of the domain, while one or more Managed Servers service your applications
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